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Local Business

Here are some of the local businesses we have come to trust and love! We think you will too!

Captured Perspective Photography, Heather Obendorf, 701-388-8724 (call or text), www.captureperspectivephotogra...

Heather has provided Bluebird Chiropractic and our family with the beautiful photos on our website. We are so appreciative of her talent and professionalism! She is a photographer who you can trust will do her best to get the photos you want! 
- Dr. Katie 

Farmers Insurance, Kristin Riley, 970-888-4058 (cell) and 970-593-1383 (Office),

Kristin is a kind and professional insurance agent! It is so wonderful to have an insurance agent you can trust just a phone call away. Kristen has a wealth of experience, and will get you the best price for your insurance needs! 
-Dr. Katie 

The Bradley Birthing Method, Erin Diaz, (517) 204-4805, erin.j.diaz@gmail.com

Erin is a extremely knowledgeable birthing instructor. She offers frequent classes at convenient hours. She keeps the class size small so that you can have a learning advantage. After Erin's classes you will feel confident, and ready for your child's birth. Under Erin's tutelage we had a wonderful birthing experience! 
-Dr. Katie and family  

Birthwise, Barbie Burrage, CPM, RM, LM, 970-292-8251,,

Barbie is the ultimate midwife! We can not say enough wonderful things about her. She is not only an experienced, professional you can trust, but she is also a treasure of a person. Under Barbie's expert care we had an incredible birth experience. We are so grateful! 
-Dr. Katie and family 

Peace of Mind Accounting, Brenda Bowen, 970-381-7909,

Brenda is a lifesaver! She is able to take complicated software, and relate it to you in a clear concise manner making it easy to understand! She is so much fun to work with! 
-Dr. Katie and the Bluebird Chiropractic staff 

US Bank, Neil Hilfers, Small Business Specialist, 970-461-9830,

Neil is a great guy to work with. He knows just what a small business needs! He is always able to answer our questions and easy to get a hold of. 
-Dr. Katie and the Bluebird Chiropractic staff 

Forever by Faith, Faith Fuller, 970-744-0255,,

Faith creates wonderful plant derived skincare and body care products. We offer these in our clinic. Faith is a wonderful person who really cares about creating a quality product that is safe and effective! 
-Dr. Katie and the Bluebird Chiropractic staff 

Masterpiece Skin Restoration, Amy Takken, 970-744-4990,,

Amy's passion for skin care was ignited during her career as a nurse working with pediatric burn patients. She found that by healing the skin and improving its appearance, she was able to have a profound impact on her patient’s self-esteem. She has committed herself to medically sound and scientifically tested methods of skin restoration. She is a beautiful person who we know you will have a great experience with! 
-Dr. Katie 

Healing Waters, 970-586-9205, www.healingwastersfoundation.o...

Healing waters is a warm water aquatic exercise center. It is open to the public, and included swim jets, underwater treadmill, massage jets, hydrotherapy, and chair lift. It is also non-profit and run by volunteers. This is the only hydrotherapy pool of the kind open to the public in our area! Check it out! 
-Dr. Katie 


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